Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tony's S-O-A-P (box)

I just wanted to try something for a while... I am currently going through the Old Testament once & the New Testament twice in the next year. My bible reading plan has me reading approximately four chapters of the Bible a day. What I do is journal on one or two specific verses that stick out to me over the course of my day's reading. What I am doing on this blog is trying to pick my favorite Journal entry throughout the course of my week and Post it here on this blog for your reading. I know it isn't too ground-breaking but I want to let you all into a little bit of my world with God & hopefully encourage you a little along the way. Anyways, it is easy to pick up on what I am doing with these journal entries... just check them out.

You are blessed,


p.s. The passage in parenthesis is the passage that I chose out of the daily reading which comes before the passage that is in parenthesis.

1.22.08 Exodus 3-5; Luke 22 (Exodus 4:31)

S-cripture "So the people believed; and when they heard that the Lord was concerned about the sons of Israel and the He had seen their affliction, then they bowed low and worshipped."

I can't even begin to imagine the feelings of these people. To live their lives with no point but as a servant accomplishing such menial tasks makes be absolutely cringe! Then to discover this news that God is coming to the rescue would be such a relief. However, with knowing the story I am reminded of how it gets much worse before it gets much better. I can't help but imagine some of the desperation not to mention hopelessness the people faced.

At this point of life, I seem to have feelings that somewhat resemble these early Hebrews although not quite to their extreme. I feel as though life isn't too overbearing & money & comfort are all part of life that I actually have. I am not starving or cold & for crying out loud I had the amazing opportunity to travel overseas recently to Italy. However, with my calling from God, I feel as though results or progress are so minuscule. This burdens me to great extremes at certain times. I don't feel as though control is anything in my power which I do understand that it is God's. But I guess I feel the hopelessness these people faced wondering if God really is going to act and do something or not! I know how the story of the Exodus progresses but I don't currently know how my life here will or the life of our church will or the goals that we implementing. I know that I need to remember that God is faithful and hears His people as they cry out to Him! I think I need to cry out to Him more & expect Him to do something. After all an expectant heart has also been part of my prayers lately!

God, help me to start to be expectant towards you again. Also put me on my knees over all this stuff!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007